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DEMOR Cheque Maker

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Description:   Cheque Maker is a powerful Software to work with Cheques easily with the provision of many of the time instead of writing the cheques manually, It have smart designer tool to create Cheque template also you can use scanner device for that, The software supports Laser printers, Ink jet printers and Dot-matrix printers with advanced printing tool, the software supports all forms and sizes of the international cheques and also local and international currencies as the software enables you can get bank statement with your inward and outward transactions by the general ledger, also supports Arabic language and Hijri date.

Product Features:
* Work with Vista: Cheque Maker is compatible with windows Vista completely
* Support for all forms of checks: Cheque Maker can work with all forms of checks and all sizes of any country.
* Currency Unit: More than 10 currencies can be used directly, such as the U.S. dollar, euro, pound sterling, Chinese yuan, Russian rubles and some Middle East currencies such as the Saudi riyal, UAE dirham and the Egyptian pound and other users can allocate its own currency suspicion easy.
* "Drag & Drop" elements with Advanced design tool: powerful design tool to create cheque template by easier ways, no need to measurement distances between cheque elements only Drag & Drop then move it by mouse to correct place.
* Use Scanner device: you can use scanner device to get cheque background direct to design tool.
* "Amount in word" Language: Amount in word can be use Two languages English and Arabic.
* Auto Stamp: You can easily stamp your cheques with "A/C PAYEE ONLY" and "NON NEGOTIABLE" on the printout or get any stamp from image file.
* Support different printers: Cheque Maker software supports Laser, InkJet, and Dot-Matrix printers.
* Advanced Paper Alignment of printers: Software is support all types of paper alignment like Upper paper bin or front paper bin and paper align in the printer (Center, Left, Right).
* Unlimited Templates: Create unlimited templates for your cheques and you can choose among them easily.
* Format Date and Hijri date: Format date to any form you want to use in cheques, and cheque maker support Hijri date for Arab countries.
* Write, print and Void cheques a few steps: Little clicks to Write and print cheques.
* Multiple cheque books for bank accounts: You can create multiple cheque books in the software to fit your different bank accounts.
* General Ledger: the Software is have General Ledger, you can get bank statement with your inward and outward transactions.
* Special printing on Dot-Matrix : Cheque Maker support Dot-Matrix cheques.
* Cheques Payroll : Cheque maker is have tool to generate cheques payroll for employees by wizard
* Detailed Reports: up to 19 report containing all the details of the follow-up printed checks and void, and also reports of general ledger and control cheques books.

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